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Of course I miss you; it’s all I ever do.
Ten Word Story 10/100 (via whiterabbitsandwarmaidens)
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I want to go HOME,

where he is

where his arms are

where his lips are

where every part of him is.

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When It Rains It Reminds Me of You

A playlist for separated hearts

Never Met You Tom Law

Don’t Find Another Love Tegan and Sara

1 2 3 Tom Law

Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s

If These Sheets Were States All Time Low

I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know Never Shout Never

Set Fire To The Third Bar Snow Patrol

Jet Lag  Simple Plan

Here Without You 3 Doors Down

Go the Distance Emma Blackery

And Counting Lights

A Day Dream Away All time Low

(listen here)

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When you’re in love,
And only have so much time together,
You study every little thing about them.
Where they are ticklish,
The spots or tiny little moles they may have,
And how many there are.
How they sleep.
The smell of their skin
The taste of their lips
The feel of their hair
How they mumble in their sleep
How they breathe.
The way they wake up in the morning
And smile at you
Because you’re the first person that they see.
The way your bodies both intertwine so perfectly
When it’s time for you both to sleep…
You enjoy and treasure the little things.
Because without all of those little things,
They wouldn’t be as perfect
As they are right
At that very moment.